Toboganning is a winter tradition around Manitoba.

Since we are kind of stuck with winter several months of the year, you may as well send yourself hurtling down the side of a hill for fun!  There are several places to go sledding. But make sure you are careful – hitting some bumps or ice can be pretty painful and there have definitely been some injuries. Wear your puffiest snowsuit and take care!


These are city-run facilities. You can check the city’s website to see which are open or closed.

  • Civic Park, 901 Kimberley Avenue – no lighting, no warmup shelter
  • Victoria Jason Park, 255 Redonda Street – no lighting, no warmup shelter
  • Crescent Drive Park, 781 Crescent Drive. – night lighting and washroom available
  • Kildonan Park, 2015 Main Street (2 slides) – night lighting and washroom available
  • Bunn’s Creek Park, 365 McIvor Avenue (1 slide) – night lighting and warmup with washroom (No attendant on Monday or Tuesday)
  • St. Vital Park, 190 River Road (2 slides)  – night lighting and warmup with washroom
  • Fraser’s Grove Park, 85 Fraser’s Grove (1 slide)  – night lighting and warmup shelter
  • Whittier Park, 869 rue St. Joseph North (2 slides in park available during Festival du Voyageur)
  • Harbourview Park & Recreation Complex at 1867 Springfield Rd.
  • Westview Park (Garbage Hill) at 1 Midland St.
  • Fort Whyte Alive Winter Slide
  • The Forks (Pictured in featured photo on this page)
  • Assiniboine Park


South Central/Western

  • Vallleyview Bible Camp Tubing Hill – Located west of Portage la Prairie
  • Adam Lake
  • Spruce Woods Provincial Park
  • Neepawa-Langford Winter Park
  • Hanbury Hill, 600 Braecrest Drive – Sir Winston Churchill Park
  • North End Community Park – 52-14th Street North, Parkdale Park behind Parkdale Drive and Durum Drive
  • Rideau Park 305 Park Street
  • Sugar Bowl 34th Street & Cherry Crescent
  • Wheat City Golf Course 3500 McDonald Avenue



  • Abe’s Hill – L.A. Barkman Kinsmen Park,
  • A.D. Penner Park by the Aquatic Centre
  • Winkler’s Parkland