The Forks is downtown in Winnipeg and has lots of kid-friendly activities throughout the year.


In the winter there is lots of skating on the river and on land, as well as tobogganing hills behind the parkade near the big outdoor stage and giant ‘Winnipeg’ sign. Alongside the river skating trail is a walking trail that is perfect for pulling littles on a sled. Check out all the new and old warming huts and visit the playground.

Update Winter 2019/20: The River trail is not yet open and may not open this year. On land skating trails are open.


There is a ton of space for kids to explore at The Forks – from river trails and skate parks to hills and playgrounds.

In the summer you can walk the river trail and visit the playground near the Children’s Museum. The playground was recently updated with some new equipment.

Close to the playground is a simple splash pad (water squirts up through little holes in the ground) available, so maybe pack a change of clothes!

There are water taxis and the Splash Dash boats. You can take a short water taxi ride or opt for the 30 minute tour. Life jackets are available for kids and they seem to do well with the 30 minute tour which is guided by your boat operator.

Don’t forget to grab a pic at the big Winnipeg sign.

There are lots of shops and restaurants inside the Forks building and Johnston Terminal to stop in for an ice cream, snack or even a meal.

The Winnipeg Train Museum is tucked near by in the Via Rail building, so you can think about adding that to your list as well.