The Manitoba Moose are a fun way to take in family friendly hockey that doesn’t break the bank. Tickets start at about $30 and go up to $40 for great seats. Kids under two can sit on your lap and don’t need a ticket.

There are lots of games that happen in the afternoon both on weekends and sometimes weekdays. Music, lights and fast-paced hockey action make the game exciting for kids. The Moose suggest hearing protection and possibly sitting in the areas protected by nets (behind goals) if you are worried about pucks.

Kids love dancing in between the action and the Moose play a fast-paced game. There are lots of snacks in the concourse and Mick E Moose makes the rounds for pics with the kids. If you don’t mind paying about $12 for parking you can leave your coats in the car and lighten your load for the game.

Nearly all Moose games have the Ticketmaster Me + Three deal (buy four tickets and get a discount) which saves you about 13 per cent. Four front row seats cost about $130. Just make sure to select that deal when picking out each seat.

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