manitoba childrens museum wide view of play spaces

The Manitoba Children’s Museum is located beside The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.

The facility features several themed play areas and also hosts a full size train in the middle of the space. From working ‘construction’ equipment and building towers, to climbing a lasagna tower – there is lots to keep kids busy. We have spent a solid 3+ hours there and my kids were thrilled. In particular the lasagna lookout tower seems to be a favourite but smaller kids may need a little boost when climbing it.

The water area is also a big favourite. They provide smocks while kids interact with pools, funnels and streams of water.

There is also a small but appropriate area for babies/toddlers (under two) that babes get lots of kicks out of. Lots of hand on interactive items, colourful blocks all soft and safe for tumbling tots.

Visiting Tips:

Food: One of the nice things is you can bring your own food to this museum and they have a big area with lots of tables and chairs to eat at. I think they just ask you try not to bring nut-foods in to respect issues with allergies. Being able to bring your own food is fast becoming a non-option at many indoor play areas. By being able to bring your lunch, the museum (at $11 for each person ages 1 – 100) stays relatively affordable when you don’t have to buy everyone lunch/snacks at the same time.

Parking: They offer three hours of free parking. Park at any FNP meter (on The Forks grounds) – head to the museum and enter your license plate in their system to get your free parking. We had wanted to stay a bit longer but when I ran the kids outside to plug a meter it didn’t seem to allow me to enter my licence plate and I didn’t want to walk my parking stub back to the parkade. So keep in mind, send a second adult out to plug the meter or maybe I missed entering my licence plate (?). Or park close by so you can easily put your stub in the car if you have kids in tow.

There is a large area for hanging coats and also some lockers available. I have left our backpack of lunches in this area and haven’t had any issue yet.

Visit their website for more information.