The Zoo has made some major renovations in the last few years resulting in an amazing experience for visitors.

While there are many of the long-time features such as bison, tigers, mountain lions, monkeys and camels (and much much more) the ‘Journey to Churchill’ area – with wolves, polar bears and owls – is a highlight.

Prepare to spend three to four hours here if you really want to take it all in. Littles might need a stroller or wagon (bring your own or rent there) to get through it all. The Tundra cafe is near the Journey to Churchill area and features lots of family friendly options. The windows of the cafe open up to the polar bear exhibit so you can dine with polar bears a mere few feet from the window. There is also a fair sized indoor ‘Polar Playground’ located in the same building as the cafe. In the winter it’s a great way to come in, warm up, and let’s the kids have a play before heading back into the cold again.

In the summer there are other snack shacks and places to picnic throughout the park.

Visit their website for more information.