The park is huge and great for a walk, or bike ride, around the duck pond, through the trees, and over the pedestrian bridge.

In the winter time you can toboggan on the hill behind Nature Playground and also skate on the duck pond. The heated Duck Pond shelter offers a warm spot to put on skates and warm up. The cafe is also open all year.

A big highlight here, for kids, is the Nature Playground which features tons of places to play. A huge climbing hill and slide overlooks a sand and water play area (kids will get wet/dirty!). There are also tougher climbs to tree-house style play structures for older kids. There is a restaurant in the park and washrooms nearby. Washrooms near the playground are restricted in the winter/spring and late fall.

They often have free music series running at the Lyric throughout the summer.

Visit their website for more information.