Located north of Gimli, this farmer’s market is sprawling and fun-filled. 2021: Market is open but there may be some restrictions on access to parts of the park.

Vendors sell from within beautifully crafted wood structures and there are a variety of items for sale like baking, antiques, honey and more.

Kids can feed and visit with resident goats, a donkey, chickens, pigs and other animals. There are also old tractors to sit on and play around. Walk across the market and you will find a wooden wonderland of hand-built items and games all made from trees. From tetherball and bowling to a Flintstones playhouse and cars, kids can’t get enough of playing on the magical creations. There are also planes, swings, motorcycles and minions all crafted out of trees.

If you are making a day trip to Gimli to hit the beach or are camping in the area, this is a fun stop for the family.

They are open Saturdays from 9 am – 2 pm and Sundays 10 – 2pm.