Remember back in the summer camp days when archery was a must? Well it’s still around and an option for you and your fam. I did chat with Heartland Archery and they recommended around age 5 and up for starting or trying archery. Essentially your child has to be able to listen and follow directions, so I will leave that up to you.

Check out these options in Winnipeg to hit up an archery range near you:

Heights Outdoor & (Indoor) Archery Range

2281 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Our indoor range is always open to the public. Drop-ins are available anytime our doors are open. Although we may have lessons or a party going on; there are still lanes available to rent! The range does not have an age restriction, all children 12 + under must be supervised. You do not need to reserve or call ahead to shoot at our range.

Heartland Archery

10-K Keenlyside, Winnipeg, MB

At Heartland, we truly value and pride ourselves in having a warm, welcoming and family friendly atmosphere. In 1993 Ray Myers founded Heartland Archery with a few simple goals in mind. He believed in creating a family friendly atmosphere while at the same time creating an nurturing environment where archers and bowhunters could experience extremely high levels of success.

D& G Family Archery Range

Steinbach Manitoba

Our 4,200 square foot facility includes a year round, indoor archery range with up to 20 yards of shooting distance and a sitting area for spectators. NEW – OUTDOOR ARCHERY RANGE up to 100m.